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We help you build a better body that looks, feels and moves better


Embrace a fitness routine that's as enjoyable as

it is effective,

tailored just for you



Welcome to Athletic Strength Training - Where Your Wellness Journey is Personalized and Sustainable!​ At AST, we're dedicated to helping you regain control of your nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle in a way that aligns with your unique needs and long-term goals. Unlike approaches that leave you feeling overwhelmed and restricted, our focus is on crafting a sustainable plan that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle without the need for white-knuckling through workouts or diets. ​Our philosophy revolves around understanding your individual aspirations, challenges, and motivations.  By taking the time to truly listen to your needs and desires, we tailor a comprehensive plan designed to help you achieve your goals and maintain them for life.​ What truly sets us apart is our genuine care and commitment to your success.  Here at AST, we're not just here to guide you – we're invested in seeing you thrive. Welcome to a community where your wellness journey is met with personalized support, compassion, and a sincere desire to see you succeed.

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“Just wrapped up AST 101. Started at 274lbs. Not only that, I have noticed a huge difference in my mental and physical health. Definitely going to keep at it!.”

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Personalized attention in a small group setting, fostering camaraderie and motivation, and individualized focus is akin

to personal training sessions without the

high cost.


Flexibility in exercises tailored to abilities, prioritizing proper form and injury prevention.


Continuous progress with structured, enjoyable workouts refreshed every 3 to 4 weeks, supported by additional accountability and nutritional guidance.

"It’s really good stuff - and great to see the type of community you’ve built there! it just seems like you have a really authentic connection with your members which is cool to see"
"These workouts have been sweet this year, I feel like im the strongest ive been since COVID and I had nothing to do but workout."
“Hey Pesh, workouts and macros have been pretty good. I’m down -3lbs in
2 weeks. Around 137
give or take.”
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